The girls’ home Baluganj consists of two main buildings. One serves for accommodation for the girls. There you will find a dormitory, a room equipped with desks where the girls can do their homework, and a bathroom. In front of this building, there is a separate area with two swings and a large herb garden which is not only used for nutrition but also for health care. The children are early taught about the different kinds of herbs and their use. Thanks to the handling of dogs living on the site, the girls learn to shoulder responsibility. In the other building, you will find the sisters’ dormitory and a common room where the girls eat and watch TV.


Both buildings are connected by a big lawn which provides space for exercise and playing. Also shepherds with their cows and goats linger on this lawn. Special attention must be given to the view on the Taj Mahal.

Kinder Hilfe Indien


The number of girls constantly changes. At the time of our stay, seven girls between 10 and 16 years were accommodated there. Many of the girls came from another girls’ home in Mumbai. The majority of the girls are orphans or come from very poor families. By living in the girls’ home, they have the opportunity of sufficient food as well as a good school education. The girls have very good command of English. The care of the children is ensured by three sisters of the order and a young woman.



The girls’ day starts with school. Between 2 and 3 p.m. they come home and eat lunch. After that, they do their homework for which they can seek the help of the trainees. Mostly the girls go out to play afterwards. They are always open for new challenging games. This can be combined with a training measure. After dinner in the sisters’ house, they girls are often allowed to watch a Bollywood movie.


The girls often dedicate their weekends to the church as a lot of them are altar servers. Furthermore, the church organizes a lot of festivities which enrich the girls’ everyday life. A good starting point for the home’s further improvement is to invest in their school and leisure equipment. During our last visit, for example, the girls were playing with a ball they had made from garbage.