12039312_422635531272446_8771241294813035736_nPeople with disabilities are often discriminated in India  and are faced with increased social and economic exclusion. Many families can not ensure medical care and the integral promotion of the physically and mentally disabled children.

Therefore, it is very pleasing that the Mother Theresa Sisters in Agra take care of these children. The children get  food and a roof over their head. Hence the Mother Theresa Sisters help not only these children and their families but make an essential contribution to social justice in India.

For the further promotion of Small feet – Big tracks:

12039692_422635464605786_869345696223191715_nSince 01/06/2010 our physiotherapist Pulkit Soni works on our behalf 15 hours per week with the physically disabled children. On 01/09/2018 the physiotherapist Ashok Kushwaha took over the physiotherapeutic treatment for these children.

Meanwhile small successes could gradually be achieved. The children learnt to sit or even move around without assistance.

Besides, the children benefit from the daily given attention.

Costs for the project:

  • Fees for Physiotherapists: 10000 rupees a month (the equivalent of about 165 €)